104k Within 4 Months

WARNING: Do Not Read This!

If You Have Moral, Ethical Or Religious Reasons Against Earning $104,000 Within 4 Months By Using Simple ‘Common-Sense’ Marketing Techniques

Dear Friend

If you have a product to sell – ebook, manual, study course, DVD or membership course…

         …but are ‘banging your head against the wall’ frustrated by the lack of sales and income, even though you see others making thousands per month selling inferior products while living in huge houses and driving the finest cars … then this is the most important and exciting message you could ever read.

        Because the truth is… regardless of a recession, “the economy”, or even the stiffest, toughest of competition…

        …you can easily enjoy profits of SIX figures (or more) with less work, fewer headaches and a lot less hassle. 

My name is Robert Evans, and the first thing you should know about me is …

         … I’m NOT a ‘super-slick’ marketing guru. And I’m NOT some shady character looking to fleece money off you either.

I’ve simply developed some marketing skills that can put money into your bank account from very little effort.

And until today, 

These marketing skills were ONLY shared with my private mentor clients – the guys and girls who pay over $5,000 for the privilege

And it was worth every penny.

Because every single one of them applied the marketing techniques I shared with their businesses and generated extra sales.

Take Mike for example…

  He has had been successfully selling ebooks and reports online and turning over a respectable $68,000 a year (And a lot of people would be more than happy with that figure) But having discovered the different approaches to selling products, Mike could easily see where he was literally ‘leaving money on the table’.So he quickly implemented everything I shared, and within 4 weeks he’d ‘banked’ an extra $28,000 – that’s £28,000 he wouldn’t have earned if it wasn’t for these marketing methods He now does an extra $10,000 every month from implementing these new marketing strategies.

Which is why I said earlier that the $5,000 fee my mentor clients pay was worth every penny – as they got the fee back many times from new sales.

        Since those mentoring sessions, I’ve created a special product (called “How I Made $104,000 Within 4 Months From Just One Product”) that contains my entire marketing system for earning money on demand.

        And importantly, everything contained within the product was shared with my private mentor clients.

        * Obviously, my mentor clients got more of my time from one-to-one calls, sales message critiques and twice-weekly business strategy sessions.

This special product is more for people and business owners who perhaps don’t have $5,000 to invest in their business, but are desperate to increase sales and ‘bank’ some extra money.

However, this product is not for everyone.

        Especially those who think the internet is the ONLY platform for selling.

        If this is you, then you should NOT invest in this at all.

        It’s not for those people who would rather spend their time ‘whining and moaning’ on forums and sucking up the negative ‘vibes’ from fellow ‘whiners and moaners’ on the forum.

        If this is you, then please… walk on by.

        It’s also NOT for:

        People who buy product after product from self-styled ‘gurus’ where they are lead to believe that you can earn money by not doing any work, and are not prepared to put in any work but expect money to simple ‘walk’ into their bank account then again, this is NOT for you.

        If you regard earning $100,000+ is obscene, immoral or simply downright wrong, then my blueprint is definitely NOT for you.

        To help you decide if this IS for you, here are some of the secrets revealed:

 The ‘laid-back’ sales text style that engages your readers to such extents that you don’t really have to do any selling, customers literally ‘beg’ you to buy your product. (This incredibly powerful sales technique  can be used for any product or service you sell.)

 How to get cold prospects EAGERLY wanting to buy your product without even seeing it just from reading a simple one-page sales letter.

 How to drive tons of laser-targeted traffic to your website using a method that is far more cost-effective than PPC, Banner ads or Facebook ads. (Because the traffic is laser-targeted, the return on investment (ROI) is  much higher than the other traditional traffic-driving methods.)

 The ‘secret’ contact who will deliver your sales message ahead of all other sales messages the recipient receives that day. (You must always remember that potential customers will see maybe 10 sales messages in a day. To be at the front is a powerful skill that you’ll discover and implement within the product.)

 How NOT to come over all ‘needy’ and ‘desperate’ within your sales message. (This is a problem the majority of business owners suffer from. Usually, they revert to the standard ‘price-cutting’ method. You’ll discover that price is very rarely the main issue with customers).

 The #1 EASIEST way to get your first sale online. (Probably the most obvious method of attracting sales – but hardly anyone knows about it.)

 Why most online marketers are committing the BIGGEST mistake when trying to generate sales. (Most haven’t a clue what BIG mistake they are making, and will continue making it until they finally go broke.)

And that’s just for starters…

       You’ll get to see all my sales literature I used to generate $104,000 within 4 months…

       I’ll reveal my profit/expenditure figures with you…

       And you can read – word-for-word– the sales messages I used to generate a six figure income.

       And there is much more, including:

 How to generate $7,700 within a week from ONE simple sales message. (Not only will you discover the details, but you’ll also get to see the actual sales message used to generate $7,700 within a week.)

 Why it’s SO wrong to go with the cheapest marketing method instead of the best responsive method. (Another classic mistake ‘newbie’ marketers make is looking at ONLY the cheapest methods to sell products instead of focussing on the methods that bring in the most profit.)

 The method in making your product or service so irresistible that you’ll enjoy sales far and above the normal rate expected within your niche industry. (I get a little embarrassed when having to reveal my sales numbers to other marketers because I know they’ll not believe that I sell 20-50x more every week than they do.)

 How even the ‘laziest’ marketer can sell thousands of pounds worth of products from just one 5 minute telephone call. (And if that sounds like too much hard work, then a 3-minute email message is all that is required to bank $10,000+ per month.)

 How to make MORE money from a prospect by making it harder for them to buy off you. (Sounds crazy, but once you discover this, it’s actually a method most businesses should adopt if they want to increase their profits.)

       Again, this is like the ‘desperate’ or ‘needy’ sales guy who instead of attracting customers actually repels customers.

      Turning the sale into a pleasurable ‘event’ for the customer ensures MORE sales in the near future.

       And there is still more:

 The foolproof way to sell ‘high ticket’ items and services.

 How to generate sales from ‘cold’ prospects who’ve never heard from you before. (In the past, it’s been said that a ‘cold’ prospect requires 7 different contacts from you before they’ll buy. You’ll learn a method that gets them buying from you within the first contact.)

 7 simple words that turn potential customers into raving buyers. (And in many cases, these buyers become your most profitable customers.)

 And much, much more.

Okay, that’s a taste of what’s in “How I Made £104,000 Within 4 Months From Just One Product”.

It costs JUST £37.00 Now $17.00

        And comes in three sections, delivered to your inbox in one complete package.

        Each section details the stages and actions you need to follow to generate over £100,000.

you have NOTHING to lose.

30 Day Unconditional
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“How I Made $104,000 Within 4 Months From Just One Product” comes with a no-nonsense  30 Day money-back guarantee.

Put it to the test for a full 30 Day’s, and if at any stage throughout the next 30 days you want to return it, then I’ll instantly refund your money – NO questions asked.

*I don’t care if you decide to return it’s in 29 days time, either – it’s up to you.

So, you can discover the step-by-step instructions to making $100,000 within 4 months without risk.

Now it’s time to decide if you want in or not.

Click the secure button below if you want to give it a shot.

I’ll see you on the other side.

        Best regards,

         Robert Evans

        P.S. Internet marketers will constantly tell you that there are ‘rules’ when it comes to making money online.

        Inother words, they expect you to follow their methods.

        And that’s fine if you want to copy something that has also been sold to tens of thousands of other people contacted by the very same internet marketers.

        If, on the other hand, you’d rather use more simplistic and common sense methods to making money online, then jump on board and I’ll share with you everything I did to generate $104,000 within 4 months – without any help or advice for the ‘so-called’ internet marketing gurus.

        P.P.S. And it’s all risk-free. You have a 30 day unconditional refund guarantee. Try everything out, and if it’s not for you – for whatever reason – just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your payment.