How To Drive A Ton Of Targeted Traffic To Your Website And…

“Build A Huge List For Free

Then Email Your List Day After Day… Generating A Flood Of Orders …

Dear Friend, 


f you’ve got a product and a website that’s online, but are struggling to get sales … in fact getting incredibly (head banging on desk) frustrated at the amount of traffic (if any) your website gets, then your day has got a lot better … 


As I’ll show you how to get as much traffic as you want to build a list and get sales. 


And the method I’ll be showing you (if done correctly) will drive a ton of traffic to your websites/blog and build you a HUGE list for FREE! 


In a moment I’m going to share with you exactly how this can happen, but first… 


I want to put you off if I possibly can. 


See, this is NOT for everyone. 


If fact, I know as soon as I mention this word: “work” a lot of people will have vanished from the website and moved onto the next (no work involved) ‘big thing’ from ‘Guru Bob’. 


I’ll say it again … 


This method DOES involve you doing some work … putting in the effort, rolling your sleeves up and dedicating a few hours. 


What’s more, if you nod your head to any of these, then it’s time to walk away now. 


This traffic and list building method is definitely NOT for you if: 


  • You believe that SEO traffic is the ONLY method to drive traffic 


  • You believe that your website will still be showing in the Google search pages in 6 months from now 


  • ‘Guru Bob’ told you that the ONLY way to drive traffic is by submitting articles, Facebook adverts, forum commenting and Google Adwords (if you haven’t already been banned 


So, if you are still with me, then I now know you are SERIOUS about driving targeted traffic to your website, increasing your sales and building a huge list … all for free. 


And it tells me you are the kind of person who will actually put my step-by-step method to work rather than leave it sitting on your computer never to be seen/read again. 


My name is Robert Evans. I’m a UK based marketer, email marketing wiz and direct response copywriter. 


The ONLY thing you really need to know about me is that I’ve built a list of over 50,000 subscribers, attract 1000’s of visitors to my websites and generate over 200 orders per week (every week) for my different products. 


But it was not always rosy in the garden … 


About 6 months ago a lot of my websites  

featured high up the search results in Google –  

some on page 1 for highly competitive keywords. 


To achieve this, I’d spent A LOT of time getting the SEO right for each site … 


I did the usual: 


  • Backlinks 


  • Keyword rich text 


  • Keyword in domain 


  • Article marketing – (I’ve written hundreds)  

And until 6 months ago, business was doing pretty well. 


The SEO sites were attracting a decent amount of traffic, generating sales and building my email list so that I could also do email marketing. 


I even used Google Adwords to generate some steady traffic too. 


Then out of the blue, I received a ‘short and abrupt’ email from Google saying that my Adwords account had been closed due to NOT adhering to their Terms and Conditions. 


There was NO appeal process, NO  

reasoning, NO further contact, nothing. It  

was just shut down … instantly. 


Although it affected some of the traffic and sales I was getting, luckily I still had most of my sites SEO'd so I was still receiving traffic and sales. 


Then Google carried out an update of their search algorithm updates


Instantly most of my websites simply disappeared from Google. 


All those high ranking SEO sites were gone. 


All the websites that had a keyword domain and keyword rich text were gone. 


My sales dried up instantly and traffic died. 

They even closed down my 7 year old blog.


It sure taught me an expensive lesson: 


Never rely on just ONE source for the survival of your business. 


Rather than give up, I started to look at other ways to attract traffic to my sites. 


I tried a few different things … some good, some bad. 


You see, thousands of people had been affected  

(just as I had) from Google’s new update. 


Some guys and gals had literately lost everything … their business, their partner, even the roof over their heads. 


So, hours were spent ‘lurking’ on marketing forums reading about those ‘hard luck’ stories and what others were doing in response to Google removing their sites. 


I tried a few methods that were being suggested and got differing results. 


But one method looked promising. 


Although it only brought in a bit of traffic and the odd sale now and again, I could see it had potential. 


So, I tweeked and tested it and gradually got the process about right, so much so, that it’s now the ONLY method I use to drive traffic. 


Best of all, it virtually runs on autopilot … driving targeted traffic to my sites, generating sales and building up the list.

Traffic Megastar


It means you now no longer have to rely on  

Google traffic for the survival of your business. 


I’ve just finished creating an ebook showing you how you too can use this method for driving traffic, generating sales and building a list, it’s called:


“Traffic, List Building And  

Sales Generating Megastar” 


It’s a short, fluff-free ‘field manual’ on how to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog, build a list, and continue to upsell to your list … on autopilot. 


It works perfectly if you’re in the ‘highly competitive’ niches like weight loss, business opportunity, internet marketing or golf. 


To help you decide if this is for you, here’s some of what you’ll learn: 


  • The 3 step approach to driving traffic, generating sales and building a huge list. (Get these 3 things in place, and it’ll all run like clockwork on autopilot.) 


  • The # 1 element you must include on your squeeze page that converts 40% - 50% of traffic to opt-in to your list. (Even the most sceptical find it hard to resist and end up subscribing, and staying with you over the long-term.)  


  • The“un-sexy” squeeze page that knocks the professional looking squeeze pages out of the park. (You’llget to see a squeeze page that converts at 40% - 50% that has most gurus scratching their heads and wondering why their ‘slick’ squeeze pages don’t work.) 


  • An eye-popping demonstration of adding 1,000names to a list and generating 100 sales. (And all the names were added to the list for free. This list can then be used to sell more products and services on a daily basis.) 


  • How NOT to lose a THIRD of your opt-in subscribers. (This will shock you when you realize that most marketers lose a third of their opt-in subscribers before they’ve even offered them a product.)  


  • The secret method to increase traffic by at least 40%. (So simple, yet most marketers don’t do this. There’s no extra effort involved, it’s more a case of being ‘in the know’ about how to generate an extra 40% of traffic.) 


  • The most overlooked "hidden" reason why most marketers don’t make much profit from list building. (Simple fact is, most marketers and ‘newbies’ just ‘play’ at list building. There is a certain method for generating sales from your list which you’ll discover.) 


  • A ‘sneaky’ (and fun) way to generate extra sales from your subscribers. (One of those ‘just give it a go’ methods and instantly receive a 10% increase in NEW sales.) 


Talking of sales, you’ll learn how to set up everything so that all your sales are generated automatically. 


This means, you’ll have the traffic coming to your website, building a list and generating sales all on autopilot – a classic funnel system. 


Here’s more of what you’ll learn: 


  • How to get cold prospects to EAGERLY buy one or more of your products. (This is TOTALLY against what the gurus teach, but is so effective, it’s one of the only sales ‘techniques’ you’ll ever need.) 


  • A ‘better than Google’ Adsense method. (It’s the same principle, but you’ll NOT get banned, virtually no competition, and will add 20-50 new names to your list a day.) 


  • Why even "newbies" are able to drive traffic, build a list and generate sales… but only if you follow simple (but VITAL) methods and techniques that you’ll learn
  • The Worlds greatest sales funnel. (We are talking about a sales funnel that converts over a third of opt-ins to buy straight away, then persuade the buyers to purchase more of your products.) 


  • Thequickest way to add 5,000 names to your list. (This will take you a month to achieve. Once you have a list of 5,000 names, you can quite comfortably earn a full-time income from your list.) 


  • The 100% “no hype” way to get people opting into your list like crazy. (Apply these tweeks and you’ll see your squeeze page converting at 50% - 60%.) 


  • A "lazy man's" way to driving traffic to your website. 


  • The ONE thing to change on your squeeze page and increased opt-ins by 20%. (It’s so obviously, but 99% of marketers never do it and lose a ton of opt-ins. Plus, it’s not what you may think.) 


Let’s take a “breather.” 


Traffic is the life-blood of all online businesses, get it right and you generate a ton of sales sales, do it wrong (or not at all) and you’ll be closing down your business quicker than you think. 


That’s why, if you want your business to survive in the coming years, you need to know how to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog, build a list and generate sales. 


Which “Traffic,List Building And Sales Generating Megastar” teaches you on almost every page. 


There’s NO padding, NO B.S. , NO rubbish, NO nonsense … 


Just hardcore info that’ll drive traffic, rapidly build your list and beef up your sales. 


And here’s more of what you’ll learn: 


  • How to generate 500 clicks to your website and add 200 – 250 people to your list. (Do this each day and you’ll have 1,500 people joining your list EVERY week. You can then email your list with other products (your own or affiliate) and generate a huge amount of income.) 


  • How to separate your MOST responsive buyers from your list. (Keep this list for your most expensive products and see a rapid increase in your monthly turnover.) 


  • Why certain "famous" Guru’s are leading you astray (to put it mildly!) when looking to attract traffic, build a list and generate sales. 


  • The 5 minute set-up time to generate 100 clicks to your website. (If you can only spare 5 minutes per day, you can still drive 100 visitors to your website each day and add 40 – 50 NEW names to your list.) 


  • How to drive other people’s traffic to your website for free. (This is one of those “what” methods that when revealed has you crying with anger at the wasted hours, days and weeks you wasted on SEO.) 


  • The simple squeeze page, opt-in and upsell method that will add 200 – 400 names to your list and generate 20 – 50 orders per week. (This method is designed for people who don’t have much time to invest in their business. Even if you can ONLY spare an hour a day, you’ll still build a list and generate sales.) 


  • Methods to squeeze every penny you can from stubborn list subscribers 


  • The right (and wrong) ways to drive traffic to your website. (Avoid the (many) mistakes ‘newbies’ make when desperately trying to drive traffic to their website.) 


  • How to test your squeeze page to ensure you are gaining the most opt-ins from your traffic. (Even a basic test of two squeeze pages can mean the difference between adding 10 names to your list a day and adding 50 names to your list a day.) 


  • Plus lot’s more… 




All the sources for traffic revealed… the best funnel methods to use with the different traffic sources… my test and tweek results … squeeze page examples… how to doubleyour opt-in numbers by deleting your ‘pretty’ squeeze page… why most marketers (80%) offer ‘crappy’ freebie products and how to join the 20& of marketers who offer quality products and continue to generate sales… and the list goes on. 


Here’s the deal: 


“Traffic,List Building And Sales Generating Megastar” costs just £6.97 and comes to you in eBook format. 


Now that’s a drop in the ocean compared to amount of traffic, list subscribers and sales you’ll generate. 


In fact, you’ll have made back the cost of this guide within your first week (if not your FIRST day) of putting the methods into practice. 


And to put your mind completely at rest … 


I’ll even give you: 


12 month traffic megastar guarantee
A Full 30 Days Money

Back Guarantee 


The guide comes with no nonsense 30 Days money back guarantee. 


Put it to the test for 30 Days, and if at any stage throughout the next 30 Days you want to return it, then I’ll instantly refund your £6.97


I don’t care if you decide to return it in 29 Days – it’s up to you. 


Never have to rely on Google for traffic again or worry about whether your website will ever show again within their search results. 


Drive as much (you decide) traffic as you want to your website. 


Then, build a list, generate sales and get everything running on autopilot. 


Just as the TOP internet marketers do and generate millions in sales. 


So, it’s time to decide if this is for you. 


To start driving targeted traffic to your website, building a list and generating sales straight away, simply click the “Buy Now” button below: 


traffic megastar 


And you’ll receive a copy of “Traffic, List Building And Sales Generating Megastar” in your email in box. 




 robert evans


Robert Evans 


P.S. I’ll teach you how drive highly targeted traffic to your website, build a huge list and generate sales on a daily basis… put this method to the test for a FULL 30 Days, and ask me for a refund if you are not happy anytime within the next 30 Days… I can’t be fairer than that!