Creating a Storyline That's Balanced and Effective

Creating a Storyline That’s Balanced and Effective


Storyline within a sales copy should never be merely fluff
and filler. It has to convey an effective message that makes
the reader feel as if the product you’re offering was meant
just for them.

Word count means nothing. The storyline should be a delicate
balance between your story and theirs.

People want to know that you can empathise with their situation.
No matter what the problem is – health, wealth, or relationships –
they have to feel that you’re coming from a place of genuine concern.

The best way to do that is to make the product relate directly back
to your own experiences. How you went from rags to riches or
poor health to perfect health – or a tumultuous relationship
to one all readers would envy.

But you can’t make it all about you – because all consumers,
whether they actively acknowledge it or not, are there for
one reason – to help themselves.

You may have heard the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Marketers often refer to this as WIIFM for short. It’s an idea you always have to
remember when you craft your storyline.

A little bit of what happened to you, a little bit of what they’re going
through. This mix helps them feel like you’re talking to them directly,
and that you have their best interests at heart because you’ve been
in their shoes.

What if you don’t have any direct experience with the topic, yet you
want to be a leader in the niche anyway? You can use storyline about
a friend who went through it, or how you’ve witnessed others
suffering through it.

But be honest. No one wants you to sacrifice the truth just to get a sale.
If you’re coming from a place of no personal experience, but a true
desire to help those who are suffering, that’s something to be admired.

In Creating a Niche Profit Funnel, you’ll discover what kind of content
appeals most to your niche audience – how to research their trigger points
so that you can include that in your storyline.

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