Crafting Headlines and Sub-headlines That Funnel Readers Forward

List Building, Marketing

Ever look at what questions many marketers ask about sales
copy? It might shock you to learn that it’s more common to see
questions about the length of sales copy than it is quality.

Most people still think in terms of volume – as if the mere scrolling
of pages would be enough to convert a customer into a buyer. It
will never happen that way.

Your copy could be a single printed page in length and convert
higher than its competitors, but without the right words, no one will
Click that order button.

Most sales letters have one major headline – and a sprinkling
of sub-headlines throughout the sales copy that help funnel your
readers through the page so that they hit on all of the most
important reasons why they need to buy your product.

Both headlines and sub-headlines should have a hook – something
to snag the interest of your reader. It’s not just a bookmark you put
in the middle of a block of text so they can remember where they
were reading before the phone rang.

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Headlines and sub-headlines can both carry off the same strategy
in terms of what words they use to get their message across. They

  • Ask Questions
  • Give Commands
  • Shock the Reader
  • Offer Proof…and more

The key is to be blunt or tease the reader into continuing on with
the sales copy. You don’t want to be so vague that you lose their

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